Some Changes

I have suffered from migraines for the past twenty years. I was finally able to see a headache specialist this last week.  I had to wait three months for the appointment and I had plenty of notes to work off of when meeting with the doctor.  After answering a full hours worth of questions he informed me that he wanted me to try some life changes first before discussing any needs for other treatment.  The biggest change will be to stop drinking Dr. Pepper which coincidentally I have also been drinking for the past twenty years.

So here I am on day four without Dr. Pepper.  I am so sluggish and tired and have had two headaches already.  He said that might happen as my body adjusts to the change.  I am also drinking more water so that should help as well.

I will be back to see him in two months.  Let’s see if we can get these migraines under control.


One thought on “Some Changes

  1. One of my stepdaughters has suffered from headaches for 15 years. I suspect it’s a sign she never dealt with her parents’ breakup. But she also drinks a lot of coffee – the caffeine supposedly eases the headache.


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